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Begin Accepting Online Payments

You have a great product or service and deserve to get paid. Why re-invent the wheel when adding payment collection? Accepting credit cards should be easy! We have a solution that matches your skill set. Easily integrate one of our solutions into your Wordpress site.


Powered By Stripe

Our solutions are powered Stripe, the leading internet payment technology. Every transaction is securely handled by Stripe's PCI Level 1 Compliant service. Provide peace of mind to your customers and sleep better at night!

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Integrate With Wordpress Plugins

If you are a developer or designer that enjoys embedding Wordpress short-codes or wrangling some PHP then our plugin solution will fit your needs. Our base plugin provides a number of short codes and hooks that allow you to create a custom payment workflow for your customers. We also provide a few add-on plugins to cover a number of common workflows:

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Leverage Our Service

Don't want to develop or design your custom payment solution? Our Secure Pay application provides an easy to use web interface that allows you to create and manage your donation, campaign and billing. Sign-up, connect your Stripe account and get started today.

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